• Open Mike.....with Mitch...
  • May 1, 2013

    Open Mike.....with Mitch

    A few words about Michael Walkington the Director/Principal at Bloorview School.

    Michael Walkington cartoon image

    Mitchell: Where were you before Bloorview?
    Mike: I was the Principal at Corvette Public School, a K-6 school in the
    TDSB. Before that I was at Besborough School (K-8) and before that
    Bennington (K-6).

    Mitchell: Why did you want to come to Bloorview?
    Mike: Well, I’ve always had an interest in kids that have different challenges. My father was a teacher at the Toronto School for the Deaf and when I was at the University of Toronto, my practicum was instructing deaf students in Phys. Ed. My first job as a teacher was in an intermediate class for students with learning disabilities. I thought coming to Bloorview would be an excellent opportunity to share both my experience and my passion for kids with special needs. I also was familiar with Bloorview - my daughter came here for swimming lessons and she loved it!

    Mitchell: So what do you think of Bloorview now?
    Mike: I’m quite proud to be a part of the teaching staff and community that cares for our students. I love all the partnerships we have, for instance, the partnership with North York Tennis – having those opportunities is so great. It’s also neat to see the seamless way that therapy, treatment and school take place for you. Everyone seems to be happy here. Little kids are smiling; young people are engaged and because of this our staff feels like they are making a real difference. I think it’s a very special spot for kids of all ages.