• Visitors Peter and Flora...
  • May 29, 2013

    Visitors Peter and Flora

    Peter Stelmacovich visited today with his dog, a Flat Coat Retriever named Flora. Peter has a hearing aid and a cochlear implant and Flora is a Hearing Ear Dog who has been specially trained to work for a deaf or hard of hearing person. Peter showed us some things Flora does for him. When the doorbell rings she jumps on Peter and leads him to the door. She wakes him up when she hears the alarm clock and leads him out of the house when the smoke alarm goes off. Each time Flora alerts Peter to something he gives her a treat. Dog Guides of Canada, in Oakville, Ontario, trains dogs to work for people with many kinds of special needs. Peter removed the orange jacket Flora wears when she is working and gave everyone a chance to pet her!

    Peter with Flora walking on two legs

    Peter and Flora with a kid in a wheelchair

    A kid petting Flora